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Better Cross Posting

In my ongoing development of MAWstatus, I have just completed some changes to make cross posting to Twitter and Facebook more reliable. I discovered this morning that one of my scripts received an error code back from an API that I had never seen before, so I had to make some minor changes to accommodate […]

Dumb Fingers

Apologies for a brief partial outage. A combination of mental tiredness, dumb fingers, and a failed VPN experiment from a few weeks ago contributed to a bizarre sequence of events that created a weird ARP resolution problem within my internal network. I was ready to yell at my stupid ISP – who are normally responsible […]

A Few Minor Changes

I have just made a few minor changes to the site – I noticed late last week that somewhere along the line, some kind of change – (either to a new version of the CMS along the way, or something I have altered) – inadvertently broke the CSS layout in some browsers, notably Internet Explorer […]

Tubes Unblocked

Well, everything seems to be back up and running 100%. There was some bizarre name resolution SNAFU after the re-delegation of my domain to new name servers yesterday. Special thanks to Paul and the guys at Kilbot for their tireless efforts to get it all sorted out, and I recommend them for anyone looking for […]

Tubes Blocked

If you find a few broken things on my site this morning, it’s because my “now previous” name services provider broke three of my four domain names overnight. I’ve re-delegated them this morning, but it might take some time for things to propagate fully around the internet, giving a few odd results until such time.

Now With Comments Enabled

Just a quick note to announce that, after a few requests, I have added comments to the website. I have chosen to use the Disqus comments system, for easy management. If you are running your own site, I highly recommend Disqus as a decent option for a commenting system.

Ahh, Refreshing!

I thought it was time for a site refresh, so today I uploaded and tested the new theme for my site. Almost everything has gone off without a hitch – but there are a few things that haven’t quite translated from my testing server, to the live server. So I have a little more tinkering […]

Some Re-Engineering

I’ve recently had some issues with my ISP – (who I plan to move away from, as soon as technical barriers are gone) – and have been having some trouble my all of my websites. As the first stage of removing the “technical barriers”, I’m currently in the process of re-engineering a couple of backend […]

All New Look And Feel!

Welcome back to the new-look As much as I wanted to keep running with the content management system (CMS) that I designed and wrote myself, my ever increasing time pressures have hampered my maintenance of the code, and have lead me to move to a commonly available package. Not all of the old content […]