Newspaper Fail Day

I certainly believe that the days of the printed newspaper are numbered. With handheld devices like smartphones, tablet computers, and e-Reader’s becoming more common place, as populations change, and the percentage of tech-savvy consumers increases, paper and ink newspapers face extinction as “quaint” concepts from a bygone day.

One of my pet peeves though is online news – where the death of printed newspapers will lead – is that it is not as thoroughly proofread as the printed newspapers currently are. This is something I sincerely hope changes.

Take for example this spelling of “Gary Ablett” on the Geelong Advertiser website this morning:

For a newspaper campaigning to help keep Ablett at the Geelong Football Club, it would have been nice of them to spell his name right. I note that this has already been corrected – no doubt pointed out by irate Geelong fans!

Or this one from The Age newspaper this morning, in this article about a mural on an apartment block under construction on Melbourne’s CBD fringe:

Maybe the reporter needs to report to the building “sight” – part of RMIT University – and “site” a textbook on the difference between “sight” and “site”?

Lift your game chaps!