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Future News!

Found this this morning on the Herald Sun website. That’s this morning, Monday April the 2nd, 2012: April 3rd? Why can’t they do this with the Tattslotto numbers?

Newspaper Fail: Why Bother?

When reading this article in regards to potential changes to taxi regulations in Victoria, I found myself asking – “why bother?” – when looking at the accompanying picture. Someone took the time to blank out the taxi number of the front vehicle, but not the others! Why bother taking the time to block the first […]

WTF Moment from The Australian

Flicking around the online news media over a cup of Earl Grey this afternoon, I came across this rather peculiar article at The Australian website. “COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy seems destined to make his own job harder than needed, with breathtaking gaps in his consultative process and an extraordinary belief that everyone should simply take […]

Fun and Failure at the Herald-Sun

Got this great screen capture from the Herald-Sun newspaper website this morning. First it was the failure – the nicely put “ceasfire” in Libya. Surely a spellchecker fail on “ceasefire”? Nice one guys. Then some cheeky humour with “Police to Test Ricky Nixon’s Undies” – referring to disgraced AFL player agent Ricky Nixon, and his […]

Newspaper Fail: Lucky Escape for Driver

Got a laugh out of this syndicated AAP article on The Age website this morning. “They said the vehicle had gone through the brick wall of the two-storey house, crashed into the lounge room, before being reversed and driven away.” Sounds pretty nasty, right? “Police are now looking for the driver of a white Toyota […]

AFL Grand Final: Another Newspaper Fail!

Spotted this one in the sport section of the print edition of today’s Age Newspaper in Melbourne: I’m pretty sure that’s Allan Jeans, not Barry Breen. At least they got close – of course Jeans was the coach of St Kilda in 1966 when they won their one and only premiership, made famous by the […]

Newspaper Fail Day

I certainly believe that the days of the printed newspaper are numbered. With handheld devices like smartphones, tablet computers, and e-Reader’s becoming more common place, as populations change, and the percentage of tech-savvy consumers increases, paper and ink newspapers face extinction as “quaint” concepts from a bygone day. One of my pet peeves though is […]

At Least He Didn’t Fall Into a Colon!

With absolutely no desire to be flippant in regards to the death of this chap, one must point out the rather unfortunate typo from this Geelong Advertiser article: At least it was a comma, and not a colon or a full stop!

Newspaper is Effective Bully

Well, despite its excellent anti-bullying campaign titled “Think Again”, the Geelong Advertiser seems to have effectively bullied a man into fear of his life with its bullying “Name the Granny Killer” campaign. The newspaper has been running this campaign to publicly name a convicted rapist and killer of an elderly Frankston woman ten years ago, […]