Newspaper is Effective Bully

Well, despite its excellent anti-bullying campaign titled “Think Again”, the Geelong Advertiser seems to have effectively bullied a man into fear of his life with its bullying “Name the Granny Killer” campaign.

The newspaper has been running this campaign to publicly name a convicted rapist and killer of an elderly Frankston woman ten years ago, who now lives in Geelong. A crime for which he was tried, convicted and sentenced. Despite the fact that he has served out his sentence, the Advertiser has publicly put him back on trial, just because he’s living in Geelong.

And it would appear that they have had some measure of success.

She said her client,was not in court as he feared for his safety. “My client has received death threats and his life is in jeopardy and I don’t say that in overkill,” Ms Simpson said.

Well done. You’ve made this man a prisoner in his own home, and put his life at risk. You’ve publicly trialled and convicted him with your promotion of vigilante justice. I thought you were a newspaper? You should report the news, not make it.

I notice after a healthy debate on yet another story on the subject yesterday, that you’ve closed comments on today’s article. What were you afraid to hear?