Monthly Archives: September 2010

Tech-Heads Finally Gain a Political Voice

It has been almost a week since the “longest election” in Australian history was resolved in favour of the incumbent Gillard Labor government, and there has been much discussion about who and what did and did not win the election in the final shakedown. After waiting for a marathon 17 days from election night – […]

Fifteen Milliseconds of Fame

Well the election has finally been decided, and the media are busily dissecting the historic events of yesterday, recording every last detail – real or imagined – for posterity. I actually got a bit of a laugh out of this article: Obscenity Uttered by Reporter Sparks Viral Debate They say if you live long enough, […]

Our Next Online Battle!

With the online community in Australia is cautiously celebrating the “near death” – (presuming all political parties vote as they have indicated previously) – of the ridiculous proposal for mandatory internet filtering in Australia, it seems we need to ready ourselves for the next fight. Data retention. Throughout the filtering debate, those in power – […]

Caption This Photo: Bob Katter Speaks!

Stumbled across this picture from earlier this year, when Bob Katter joined Communications Minister Stephen Conroy for what appears to have been a first-sod-turning ceremony for Nextgen Networks rollout of backbone fibre as part of the Broadband Blackspots program in outback Queensland. A great picture, and worth throwing out there for people to come up […]