Turnbull Disingenuous Over NBN – Again

There has been yet more FUD and disingenuous statements from the Federal Opposition in recent days with respect to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

“No, the Coalition will not cancel or roll back the NBN. The NBN will continue to roll out but we will do so in a cost-effective manner in particular in built-up areas.”

In other words – “We will stop the NBN, we’ll just replace it with our own plan, but keep calling it the NBN so we can say we completed it.”

Turnbull would be well advised – (purely for political purposes, but no doubt won’t be) – that more and more, people want the NBN, and in its current form.

Just take a look at the poll attached to the same story:

Yes – 80% of just over 7,000 respondents want the NBN “in its current form” – with only 12% supporting Turnbull’s plan.

Regional areas are screaming for it. Uptake for the network has been higher than expected.

The opposition show over and over again that they care little for truth with respect to the entire NBN debate.

We know that the opposition plan will cost even more in the long run, and that the technologies their plan relies on are dead-end technologies.

It is time Turnbull and the entire opposition stop playing three-year political “our solution is cheaper” games, and start thinking of the future of our nation.

There is nothing wrong with leading the world – but the opposition just wants to get into government, no matter what it takes.