Monthly Archives: March 2010

Anti-Bullying Media Outlet Bullies Man

Living in Geelong, I know first hand of the issues the city has had with criminal activity over the last few years. Much of it is alcohol-fueled, and despite the best intentions of the “powers-that-be” – particularly politicians looking to shore up a few votes for the upcoming state and federal elections, not a lot […]

Family Underwear

While I know exactly what they mean by the term “family underwear”, I’m a little concerned that we need the term “family underwear”. Is that when the whole family wears the same pair of boxers?

Better Cross Posting

In my ongoing development of MAWstatus, I have just completed some changes to make cross posting to Twitter and Facebook more reliable. I discovered this morning that one of my scripts received an error code back from an API that I had never seen before, so I had to make some minor changes to accommodate […]

Transport Customer Service A Disgrace

Well, seems our old friends at V/Line are at it again, with a display of “customer service” that one must stand back to behold! This evening’s 17:29 Southern Cross to Marshall was cancelled. So what you ask? Well, it’s more the circumstances that caused it’s cancellation, and the subsequent “customer service” experience that’s really gotten […]

James Hird Rises to the Challenge

History channel time again, and a flashback to AFL Round 3, 2004. After publicly slamming the performance of a particular umpire in the media the previous week, superstar James Hird was under the spotlight from all corners of the football world. But champions know how to respond, and in an astoundingly intense game of football, […]

Fastest Downshift in the Middle East!

Great piece of footage from last weekend’s V8 Supercar event at the Bahrain International Circuit. Russell Ingall seemingly forgets to change down gears until the very last moment in the midst of this passing attempt on Will Davison. Just love the quick downshifts when he suddenly arrives at the first corner, and realises that he’s […]