Monthly Archives: June 2011

More Stumbles For Internet Filter

In recent days we have seen more bumbling and stumbling from the government in regards to its proposed mandatory internet filtering plan, further suggesting that it might just be on the outer from the government’s policy agenda. Last week, it became clear that without fanfare, the branch of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the […]

Can The Coalition Stop The NBN?

A lot of people are asking of the NBN, whether or not the Coalition would be able to halt the project, should they win the next federal election – which is still over two years away, should it not be called early. The simplest answer is “yes” – of course they could. Regardless of the […]

NBN Just Got Easier For Small ISPs

In light of recent comments from Internode managing director Simon Hackett, in which he questioned the ability of the AVC/CVC pricing mix to allow for smaller ISPs to compete on a national level under the NBN, comes news today that Nextgen Networks are planning to deliver a wholesale product that would eliminate his concerns for […]

View From Above

When flying, I am always far more comfortable with a window seat as I prefer to be able to see where I am going. I have also developed a habit of taking photos from the plane, and later determining the location of the photos for no other reason than pure curiosity. Some of these photos […]

New Timetable Improves Little

The much-hyped new train timetables running in Victoria were heralded by the government, V/Line, and Metro Trains Melbourne as a breakthrough for passengers getting around more efficiently. We were promised by V/Line that “these changes follow several months of work with Metro and feedback from our customers”. Oh really? Customers asked for slower trains? Obviously, […]

Stuck In The Middle With Adobe

Reading a web-bound PDF document last night, I was prompted – (most unusually) – whether I wanted to use Adobe PDF Viewer (Chrome Plugin) as my default PDF viewer either “Never” or “Always”. I was ready to click “Always” when I stopped and realised how silly this question sounded. If I want it to “never” […]

ACL: Get Some Credibility or Butt Out

There has been much ado in recent days over the removal and subsequent reinstatement of bus shelter advertising for condoms depicting a homosexual couple, after complaints from the political lobby group, the Australian Christian Lobby. Not taking the return of the advertising lying down, the ACL have vowed to continue their campaign. They claim that […]

Oops – Released The Wrong Article?

Just spotted this giggle-worthy stuff up on The Age website: An old version of an article that wasn’t meant to be used perhaps? Funny.