Monthly Archives: August 2011

Google Street View Face Recognition Fail

In the wake of claims from Senator Stephen Conroy a little over a year ago about Google committing the biggest privacy breach in history in the midst of collecting updated data for their StreetView service – (which the Privacy Commissioner later basically dismissed as rubbish) – as a goodwill gesture, Google promised to make sure […]

Shitty Facebook Follow

Buying a bag of our usual cat litter this evening, I was somewhat perplexed by the invitation on the outside to follow the brand on Facebook. Really? Do I really want to follow our preferred brand of cat litter on Facebook? So every time one of our cats follows through, I can follow too? Or […]

Bomber Chapters Of My Life

Having pulled off a series of inspirational wins in 2011, Essendon supporters have definitely gotten value for their money this year – and none was better than the gutsy defeat of the previously unbeaten Geelong several weeks ago, as shown below: Sitting in my usual seat, it came after a couple of difficult weeks in […]

NBN: The National Barnaby Network

Whilst reading this excellent article from David Havyatt in regards to the piecemeal alternative to the National Broadband Network (NBN) offered by Malcolm Turnbull yesterday, I followed a reference David provided to a 2005 report prepared by the Page Research Centre. Future-proofing Telecommunications in Non-Metropolitan Australia Most interestingly, the deputy chairman of the research panel […]

V/Line – Could It Really Be True?

Regular followers of my tweets and blog posts will know that a subject I am, shall we say, “passionate” about is the performance – (or lack thereof) – of the customer service efforts of Victoria’s regional rail provider, V/Line. Any regular commuter with an ounce of common sense understands that things go wrong from time […]

ABC News 72

In a general sense, news tickers at the bottom of the screen on news channels annoy me. They often distract you from what is actually going on on the rest of the screen, and you end up missing what people say. It is even more annoying when the news being reported in the ticker is […]

A Tad Insensitive, Advertiser

Just caught a glimpse of this rather insensitive closing line of an article about the unfortunate death of a local man over the weekend in a workplace accident, in the Geelong Advertiser. Timber Crush Death “Are you the family of the deceased man?” Seriously? Poor form. My thoughts to the family.

NBN Will Not Require Rewiring!

Last week we were subjected to the ridiculous notion that the NBN was hacked. Of course, it wasn’t hacked in any way whatsoever – the story perpetuating from a piece of lazy and sensationalistic journalism, apparently from a staff writer at the Sydney Morning Herald. Another myth that has been floating around for a long […]