Monthly Archives: January 2012

Max Headroom and Remembering the Eighties

We’ve all seen the signs on bridges and other low structures under which a roadway passes. “Low Clearance”, “Maximum Height”, etc, etc. In the midst of completing a work-related errand this morning in West Melbourne, I saw this sign over the garage entrance of a block of apartments. Clearly someone with a sense of humour […]

Photo Cropping Fail

Loving the photo cropping fail currently currently on display on the Geelong Advertiser website: The caption reads: “Harry Taylor at Geelong training yesterday.” Harry must be a dentist now, because we can’t show you his face.

Metro Trains Melbourne: Live from 1995!

Melbourne’s suburban train operator Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) has copped a lot of flack in recent days over its decision to drop sending service updates on Twitter for anything other than “major delays” – which they are defining as “20 or more minutes”. They are telling customers to “regularly check their website” for details of […]

Idea: Show Current Affairs on Current Affairs Shows

It really irks me that the two leading current affairs programs in Australia – Nine’s A Current Affair (ACA), and Seven’s Today Tonight (TT) – never seem to actually show any actual current affairs stories. They generally show what often don’t seem like much more than paid advertorials. Incidentally, these two programs finished fifth and […]

Optus Rewards Website Sexist Much?

I got a whiff of a really bad piece of work from Optus on Twitter this morning, in regards to the registration page for their Optus Rewards website (click image for larger view): Really? “Please select a title and the title should match with the gender.” So a woman can’t be a doctor, according to […]

Yes, The Solar Panels Work

We’ve just received our first power bill since the installation of our solar panels. I think they are working. It’s better than half of the same quarter last year, and not covering a full quarterly period. Looking forward to the next power bill!

2011: Posts Of The Year

I certainly hope my readers have had a safe and happy holiday period. Today, I have decided to take a quick look at back at my popular posts from 2011, with the most read articles for each month, and a little discussion of each. If 2012 throws up some similar results, it will be another […]