Monthly Archives: April 2012

Woolworths Meat Fail

I stumbled across this packet of “Australian Beef Spare Ribs” at Woolworths last night – (click image for larger view): Looks like t-bone steak to me – no? Oops.

Essendon Survive Scare From Port Adelaide

ESSENDON 5.2 10.6 11.13 16.15 (111) PORT ADELAIDE 5.2 7.3 12.5 13.8 (86) GOALS Essendon: Jetta 4, Crameri 3, Stanton 2, Carlisle, Dempsey, Hille, Howlett, Hurley, Monfries, Zaharakis Port Adelaide: Schulz 4, Westhoff 3, Ebert, McCarthy, Redden, P.Stewart, Thomas, Wingard BEST Essendon: Stanton, Jetta, Watson, Dempsey, Monfries, Hardingham Port Adelaide: Boak, Cornes, Westhoff, Schulz, McCarthy, […]

The Only Way Forward for BlackBerry?

Ever since Research in Motion (RIM) pushed aside its two co-CEOs in favour of Thorsten Heins earlier this year, many analysts have been pondering how the maker of the once-popular BlackBerry smartphone family might bring itself back from the brink of extinction. Certainly, the traction gained in the smartphone market by Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, […]

Bob Baldwin: Respect Is A Load Of Rubbish

I found myself in a most astonishing Twitter exchange with the Federal Member for Paterson yesterday evening, Bob Baldwin. An exchange in which he asserted that “respect for people” is in fact “a load of rubbish”. It started with Baldwin accusing @HyperBrendan of being an “ALP hack” after being called out on his position in […]

Future News!

Found this this morning on the Herald Sun website. That’s this morning, Monday April the 2nd, 2012: April 3rd? Why can’t they do this with the Tattslotto numbers?

First Up Win For The Bombers

NORTH MELBOURNE 4.3 8.5 10.10 15.12 (102) ESSENDON 3.2 9.8 13.14 14.20 (104) GOALS North Melbourne: Harvey 3, Adams 2, Edwards, Petrie 2, Thomas 2, Harper, MacMillan, McIntosh, Wells Essendon: Hurley 2, Lovett-Murray 2, Melksham 2, Stanton 2, Heppell, Hille, Jetta, McVeigh, Ryder, Watson BEST North Melbourne: Wells, Swallow, Petrie, Firrito, Adams, Harper, Thomas Essendon: […]