With the proliferation of the various popular social networking sites, it’s easy to become lost in the mire of various status updates. Do you update your status on one site and ignore the others? Do you go to each individually and post the same thing? Do you want to have an output file – (say, XML) – so that you can render your status just about anywhere?


It would be easy to join every single one of the popular social sites, but that would be tedious. I’ve settled on Facebook to interface with close friends, Twitter for my more public ramblings, and TWiT Army for a more focused view, given it’s heavy leaning towards general geekdom. I’d also like my status to appear on my website.

Enter “MAWstatus” – using the various API frameworks available for each of these sites, and the generation of a published XML file at the end, I can get whatever I’m saying out to each site, basically immediately.

As I document the interfacing for each site, I will update this page with code and sample scripts I’ll be happy for anyone to use.