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Open Up Public Transport Performance Data

Anyone who expects a public transport system to always run on time and without faults or other problems is almost certainly kidding themselves. Like any man-made system, things just go wrong sometimes. The sign of a good public transport system is how well the situation is handled when things do go wrong. Good public transport […]

V/Line Extends Geelong Travel Times Again

Well, once again is seems Geelong rail commuters are having their peak journey times lengthened by V/Line, with the release of new timetables to take effect from April 28th. Looking at just the two so-called “flagship” services from Geelong to Melbourne each weekday morning, each leaves the various stations in the Geelong area two minutes […]

Regional Rail Link Continues To Form

As a train buff, I’ve been watching daily the progress on the construction of the Regional Rail Link (RRL) – or at least as much of it as I can see on a Geelong line train – and the works are impressive in many locations. Here’s the latest flyover video produced by the Department of […]

Regional Rail Link Beginning To Take Shape

Regular travellers on the Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo regional train lines, and the Werribee and Sydenham/Sunbury metropolitan train lines, will most likely have noticed a lot of new tracks being laid between Southern Cross (SCS) and North Melbourne (NME) stations, as part of the Regional Rail Link (RRL) project. While this work between SCS and […]

Rail Failures: A Question of Protocol

Last night, both V/Line and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) commuters were delayed due to various problems with the rail network in Melbourne. Some V/Line customers were heavily affected by a points failure at Southern Cross Station which prevented some trains from getting out of their platforms to start their journeys. On the Frankston line, an […]

Just In The Nick of Metro Trains Time

Must admit, I had a bit of a chuckle with respect to a sequence and timing of a pair of tweets from Melbourne’s Metro Trains this afternoon. First, a warning of services changes due to an infrastructure fault: “Sydenham/Upfield/Craigieburn customers: some trains may run direct from Flinders St instead of the city loop due to […]

Mulder Has No Interest In Where The Buck Stops

Late on April 30th, I finally received a response from my March 8th complaint direct to the Victorian Minister for Public Transport, Terry Mulder, about the state of infrastructure at Newport station. I wrote about this complaint a few days later on the 14th, after failures at Newport on both days. I might add, his […]

Mulder: The Buck Shoots Straight Past Me

Thousands of regular commuters on the Geelong line have had their travel plans massively disrupted on numerous occasions over the last couple of months, with signal and power failures shutting the line for hours at a time. People – (quite rightly) – have been complaining long and hard about it. It is apparently news to […]

Trains: Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong?

I’ve made a bit of noise of late over the state of some of the infrastructure in Melbourne’s train network – namely with respect to the consistent problems at Newport Station. I wrote about it here, and have been discussing it here. Much of the usual buckpassing as to who owns the problem has been […]

Call To Arms Against Newport Rail Failures

Geelong’s commuters – (and Metro Trains Melbourne’s Werribee and Williamstown commuters) – have endured another bout of “Newport Induced Delays” in recent weeks, with numerous power failures and “track equipment failures” grinding these three train lines to a halt for hours at a time. V/Line Commuters Want Answers After Latest Newport Failure This problem has […]