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Turnbull Sells Out – When Is The Exorcism?

Time for a quick waltz down memory lane. Who else remembers the nonsensical plan by former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, for the mandatory filtering of all internet connections in Australia, to attempt to block all material online which had been classified “Refused Classification” (RC)? The campaign against it was long and hard, and eventually Conroy […]

The Internet Has Not Changed – But Malcolm Has!

Oh, how the mighty will flip-flop when the political need arises – right? The government has released a discussion paper through Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Attorney-General George Brandis, with a view towards having internet service providers police the illegal downloading of content. “The Abbott government has moved to crack down on illegal downloading, saying […]

Copyright Holders Don’t Want To Pay The Price

With online piracy a hot topic the world over – (most visible in Australia with what is known as the “iiTrial”) – it has been interesting to watch how different countries around the world are trying to deal with the issue. One common approach seems to be the “three-strikes law” – (such as France’s HADOPI […]

Online Piracy Not The Problem

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks, following the apparent culmination of the so-called iiTrial – in which national Australian ISP iiNet successfully defended itself against an accusation by AFACT of facilitating and doing nothing to prevent the theft of copyrighted material by its customers. AFACT themselves recently released a report claiming […]