Next Step In Broadband Internet War

The G9 Consortium has fired it’s next salvo in the war of words with Telstra over the continuing debate over high-speed broadband in Australia.

After Optus and Elders secured almost $1Bill(AUD) from the Australian government to build a WiMAX network in regional areas, the G9, led by Optus, is now making it’s play for the metropolitan market.

“G9 CEOs have met to consider the government’s announcement and we were unanimous in our view that the G9 should proceed to prepare a bid to build such a network,” said Michael Malone, chief executive of iiNet.

Needless to say, there is going to be a lot more to-and-fro, and “media release battles”, before this all sorts out. But for the sake of Australian internet users – please let it be soon!