Fingers In The Cookie Jar

Over the recent US Memorial Day weekend, popular internet media site Revision3 was brought down by an apparent DDOS attack, launched by MediaDefender.

As you can read in the article posted by Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback, MediaDefender were apparently deliberately attacking and abusing Revision3’s BitTorrent distribution servers. When the techs at Rev3 shut them out of this abuse mechanism, their server “automatically” launched the DDOS attack, claiming that Rev3 was hosting illegal material.

Revision3 use BitTorrent to efficient deliver it’s very popular content right around the world, for as little cost as possible – the whole idea of BitTorrent.

For an individual company to so heavily attack a company using it for legitimate reasons is so utterly wrong.

I hope, as Jim suggests, that the FBI goes right through them. If someone attacked my business electronically, I’d be pretty pissed too. It wouldn’t surprise if the true dark hackers on the internet have a go back at MediaDefender, in the not too distant future!