Conroy: Australia’s Ted Stevens?

In the shadow of Stephen Conroy’s latest at least semi-gaffe in which the generous licence fee rebate he granted to Australia’s major commercial television networks in February appears to have not had its intended consequence, I keep thinking about former US Senator for Alaska, Ted Stevens.

In particular, I am reminded of his famous series of tubes speech. For those who don’t know the story, Senator Stevens – (what is it about Stevens / Stephens?) – was on the senate commerce committee, with jurisdiction over many regulations in regard to the internet in the United States. His speech was particularly focussed on the net neutrality debate.

As you listen to his speech, just imagine his clearly “non-internet-understanding” brain spilling out the famous “scams and spams coming through the portal” remarks, made by our own good Senator Stephen, and try not to laugh too hard!

You can just hear Conroy, can’t you?