If Politicians Are Serious About Climate Change

We are nearly a week into the 2010 Federal Election campaign, and as expected, the various climate change policies of the major parties are being announced and/or promoted and/or due to be announced. We will hear each of them spout about how their plans for the environment – particular in the realm of climate change, due to the attention this has received of late – but it is more about political one-upsmanship, than real environmental policy.

If the politicians are REALLY serious about climate change, why is there no policy – either in place or proposed – that makes compulsory, the installation of solar electricity systems in all new homes in this country? When every new house is generating its own electricity – and potentially selling excess power back to the grid – less electricity needs to be generated by power stations – which in Australia is primarily a function of burning coal – which would have a real impact on carbon and other emissions.

There have been plans for “clean coal” techniques – but that is nothing more than pandering to the power generation companies who would suffer under a solar plan. So there is no such plan in place. To me, that does not suggest that real climate change is in the vision of the politicians in this country. Of any flavour.

They are too busy making sure that they don’t lose votes to big industrial concerns to have the guts to get serious. While I am not a climate change sceptic, I’m also not completely convinced – however, there seems no reason why a political interest who is genuine about tackling climate change, does not suggest a plan like compulsory solar electricity.

So – they are not serious about it. Clearly.

  • Great story, especially because a lot of organizations are looking at major prjects to save power and reduce their carbon footprint. Something as simple as energy-efficient lights often gets overlooked.