Nutball Witch from Another Planet?

Straight out of the freaky, nutball, stay away from the dangerous substances file, comes this one:

“When asked to produce her driver’s licence, De Avalon replied that she did not have one,” Sen-Constable Lamb said. “When asked why not, she said, ‘I’m a being from another world and don’t require one.’ When asked to state her name and address De Avalon replied, ‘I have a universal name that is not recognised here’.”

My thought is this: when people travel overseas, they are expected to abide by the laws of the country they are travelling in. If she’s from another planet, shouldn’t the courtesy be that she abides by the laws of planet Earth in this instance? As a “higher being”, she should know this.

And how do they know she’s only 40 years of age?

Too funny.