From The Vault: Last to First!

One more from the video collection, the last lap of the fabulous 1995 Tooheys 1000, on the first lap of which Larry Perkins collided with Craig Lowndes.

The contact tore the tyre valve from the front left wheel of Perkins’ car, and after pitting for a new wheel and tyre and ending up more than a lap down after later being passed by then race leader Jim Richards, Perkins and co-driver Russell Ingall started the fight back.

History will always recall that it took an engine failure from Glenn Seton nine laps from home to give Perkins the lead, but to have been there in second to take the lead after the drama at the start speaks volumes of the speed of the #11 car that day, to chase down the entire field.

Classic memories – and watch for a young Jack Perkins in tears after his father’s win.