HP Shipping Fail – You Just Have to See This!

The large project I am working on at the moment requires a great deal of hardware to accomplish. Over the last few days we received a large – (or so it seemed) – shipment from Hewlett Packard.

Several pallet loads of equipment arrived via Qantas Freight from HP’s regional facility in Singapore. Let us go through the opening of one of the boxes on the pallets, shall we?

Here is the unopened box:

Here is the opened version of the same box:

Here is the same box with the first layer of bubble wrap removed:

Here is the same box with the rest of the bubble wrap removed, revealing two small boxes:

Here is one of the small boxes removed from the outer box:

Here is the same small box opened:

Here is the same box with the first layer of bubble wrap pulled back, revealing a small bubble wrap bag and contents:

Here is the same box with the outer bubble wrap removed, leaving only the final contents:

Here is the final item in the box, a simple power cord:

Seriously – what the fuck, Hewlett Packard? You sent two simple power cords, in a great big box, with all that packaging around them? That’s just………wrong.

Why don’t we have a look at your environment policy?

“To be exemplary global citizens, we strive for leadership by addressing the areas most critical to our stakeholders and our business. We place particular emphasis on our three priorities: climate and energy, product reuse and recycling, and supply chain responsibility, these issues have strategic importance to our business, stakeholder concerns and our ability to make a positive impact.”

One of your stated goals is to:

“Reduce the ratio of total packaging weight to total packaged product weight to 28%.”

The boxes with the power cables in them were marked, as freighted, at 2.2 kilograms, and the two powers cables weighed about 200 grams, about 9% of the weight of the box.

That is 91% packaging, or 3.25 times your target of 28%. Further more, the three pallet loads of equipment we unpacked today were consolidated down to this small pile:

Here is the amount of packaging – (the stuff on the floor, and the stack to the right) – that you, Hewlett Packard apparently believe is required to ship it to us, in line with your environment policy:

If your goal is to be “exemplary global citizens”, I’m sorry HP – you fail.


  • Anonymous

    Cisco are just as bad, ridiculous sized box for a stick of ram.

  • That’s always been pretty standard for HP. Not as bad, though, as when I sent a HP laptop in for repair.

    Took it, on HP’s advice, to the Auburn DHL depot, in a case, together with a printed address label. DHL wouldn’t allow me to send it in its’ protective leather case, as they couldn’t guarantee the case would come back (WTF ??). They said they’d wrap and box it. 

    OK, I thought, you guys are the shipping experts.

    Don’t know how it was sent, but when it was returned to me at work by DHL, it was IN A MANILLA ENVELOPE – no bubble wrap, no padding, just a paper envelope. a $1500 laptop returned in a paper envelope !!!

    I spoke to HP who promised to investigate it – that was in 2007, I’m still waiting for a return call !!  Never again, HP – NEVER AGAIN !!

  • Anonymous

    Dick Smith pissed me off with this when I received a free HDMI cable with a set top box. It was via redemption and they seriously sent a sealed packaged HDMI cable in a printer sized box full of bubble wrap. Never seen anything so ridiculous in all my life. Well, until seeing your post above anyway! What a joke. Particularly for a company who claims to care about the environment!

    By the way did that fragile power cable still work? Sure it wasn’t damagaed during transit? 😉

    • It will be “tested” at a later date…along with the 37 others that arrived packed the same way.

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  • Fail is an understatement, that is just ridiculous.

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