Screw You, Greedy Music Industry

We’ve heard a lot lately about how piracy and music downloads are supposedly killing the music industry.

How all those nasty people downloading music for free are “taking the caviar off the 50-foot marble dining tables” of the recording artists, and leaving them to cope with “only 17 bathrooms in their palatial mansions”.

Poor snookums.

Is it true though?

“AUSTRALIANS are crazy about music. By year end, we’ll have bought 50 million singles and 37 million albums.”

“That’s 50 per cent more music than we consumed in 2005 and it doesn’t even include the millions of songs we stole via the internet.”

So, what they are saying is that the music industry is doing 50% better than it was six years ago – (irrespective of illegal downloads) – and they still say that it is all slowly killing the industry?


Here’s a better idea – drop your prices to reasonable levels, and people won’t even steal your content. As soon as the price of legally purchasing your content is effectively less than what it costs people to download it – (for free or otherwise) – people won’t want to download it for free.

Because it will be cheaper for them, and you’ll sell a lot more units.

It isn’t downloads that are killing your industry – it is your own overpricing greed and lack of vision that’s doing it.

Not the people…but you!

Screw you music industry!