National News Program Spreading Racist Jokes?

The Project, the lighter news program broadcast six nights a week on Network Ten in Australia has gone through a number of changes of format and timeslot since its inception.

It has defied this instability – (usually a recipe for alienating fans) – and continues to improve its ratings position.

But it isn’t all improvement, it would appear, after the brace of racist jokes on Twitter this evening:

Really? Not really necessary. In fact, not necessary at all – particularly for a program trying to position itself as an alternative to the traditional news bulletins on Nine and Seven.

The three tweets – (here, here, and here) – have no place on such a program, or a Twitter account promoting it.

Or anywhere else.

  • The first and third ones are just.. unfunny… The “assimilate” one is actually quite clever. I think people take the whole “racism” thing a little too far sometimes.