What Exactly Are Coles Doing Here?

I found these two apparently identical chickens – (apart from weight) – in my local Coles store on Sunday, and found myself wondering what was going on with the labeling and the pricing:

The “extra large” chicken came in at 2.178kg, while the “large” chicken came in at 1.944kg. That’s only 234 grams of “difference” between a “large” and an “extra large”. Statistically speaking, probably not really different at all.

What is different, is the price per kilogram. The “large” is $4.90 per kilogram, and the “extra large” is $3.70 per kilogram. A difference of $1.20 per kilogram, just because there is a 234 gram difference in overall weight?

Does an extra 234 grams really justify a whole new category?

If the “large” was charged at the “extra large” price, the large would have cost $7.19, and not $9.53 – a saving of $2.34, for only 234 grams less of otherwise identical chicken. Exactly one cent per gram of extra chicken.

The only difference is an arbitrary label.

While the “extra large” is undoubtedly a better deal – (it even carries a “Big Value Pack” sticker) – once all the “extra large” chickens have been sold, and only the “large” chickens are left, those buyers are being ripped off mercilessly.