Facebook Now Lets Anyone Message You At No Cost

Facebook has once again changed its privacy settings, allowing anyone to message you, where previously you could limit who could message you. It was a great mechanism that stopped randoms from sending you messages.

I was greeted with the following “information” on my account this afternoon.

For some time, Facebook has been toying with the idea of allowing companies to message your, for a price. They have even been testing such a feature for US-based users.

Such a feature would have allowed advertisers to pay to send you messages, which would be prominently placed in your inbox.

It now seems they have dropped the whole concept, and will simply allow messages to be sent for nothing. Unless you are a defined VIP, who you can message for a price.

Clearly, the advertisers wanted a way into your inbox, but didn’t want to pay – and Facebook appear to have caved.

Today it became known that you can message founder Mark Zuckerberg if you cough up $100.

Frankly, I’d love to nominate the price for people to message me. I suggest $1,000,000 as a nice round number.

If they like, Facebook can even have 99.9% of that amount from anyone who pays it, because I bet they wouldn’t get anything from people trying to message me at that price.

But that’s okay – everyone can message me for nothing anyway.