Brisbane Trip From Above

When flying, I prefer to take a window seat. Mainly because I feel more comfortable than when I’m in an aisle, with people brushing past up and down the plane.

I also prefer to being able to look outside and watch the world go by. I usually end up taking a few photos as well, and even the odd video. I like being able to look at the photos later, and figure out where the plane was on a map.

This first picture was taken near Murwillimbah in northern New South Wales, from QF600 (aircraft VH-VYG) on the way to Brisbane on a recent business trip, 06/06/2013:

The second was taken just after liftoff on the return flight, of the Brisbane River just south of the airport, from QF625 (aircraft VH-VXA), 07/06/2013:

My favourite shot from the trip was this awesome one of the impending sunset, taken near Undera in northern Victoria, also from QF625, 07/06/2013:

I even took a video of the landing at Melbourne Airport:

Dorky, but I enjoy it.