Do We Have Store Brand Vegetables Now?

We’ve all seen so-called “store brand” or “home brand” products in the supermarket. For example, a packet of biscuits that look exactly the same and taste exactly the same as a packet of Tim Tams, but for half the price.

And probably made in the exact same factory anyway.

Well, whilst doing the shopping this afternoon at the local Coles, I discovered that the concept appears to have arrived in the vegetable section.

For $2.98 a kilogram, you can have some “Brown Onions”:

At the other end of the same aisle, for $1.98 a kilogram, you can have some “Coles Brown Onions”:

Apart from the obvious answer of “about one dollar a kilo”, can someone explain to me what the difference is?

Any wonder the “Coles Brown Onion” bin was empty.

I bet they came from the same field of onions.

  • bob

    The coles were pre-packed as a 1kg bag while the others weren’t packed and were lose. “Coles” onions were sold as “1KG” for 1.98 while the other Onions were sold “per KG”.

    • Hmm, possible explanation…though the sign doesn’t indicate one way or the other. I’ll have to pay attention next time there’s something in the $1.98 bin.

  • Aaron B Lingwood

    I think these were previously branded as ‘S&B Brown Onions’ and sometimes ‘Coles S&B Brown Onions’. Pre-packed bag of seconds and broken. Wouldn’t surprise me if they dropped the ‘S&B’ and left only their brand. Watch for a price rise for the same product.