Poor Taste In Aftermath Of Death Of Robin Williams

The following is provided with no other comment than to say whichever advertiser came up with the following campaign – (I’m looking at you “Coles or IGA”) – in the midst of the death of Robin Williams – (and if you excuse my French) – this is fucking shit:

Click the image for a larger view, and note the sparkly advertising box on the right.

Bloody awful.

UPDATE (17:11 12/08/2014): Both Coles and IGA have distanced themselves from the advertisement with this tweet from Coles and this tweet from IGA. Of course, this advert was placed by someone offering Coles or IGA vouchers, independently of those organisations. It’s great that they have disassociated themselves publicly from the advert, but I do however believe that they could be proactive in investigating who has used their names in such poor taste. Maybe The Age should be looking into it too.