Propaganda Targeted With Propaganda?

Today has seen another episode of “completely missing the point” released by the Australian Government.

“Terrorist propaganda posted on social media and the internet will be monitored and analysed under an $18 million plan announced by the Abbott government.”

How will they target the propaganda?

“The government will also produce online material that challenges the claims of terrorists and promotes Australia’s values.”

Much like terrorist groups produce material that “challenge the claims of [insert-name-of-country-here] and promotes [insert-name-of-terrorist-group-here]’s values”?

Basically, tackling propaganda by issuing……………propaganda?

Just as we don’t see the material produced by terrorist organisations as something we would ever agree with, why would they see the material we produce as something they would ever agree with?

They are not going to change their view one iota – this is just another piece of populist politics, designed to appease the masses who can’t think things through for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong – I certainly don’t believe we should do nothing…but this is just a pointless waste of money from a government who believes in not wasting government money.

Almost hilarious.