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Shabby Inline Adverstising In Fairfax RSS Feeds

Over the last couple of weeks I came to conclusion that both my work computer and home desktop computer had somehow managed to become infected with a virus. This was something of a surprise, given the security techniques in place in both my home network, and the corporate network – but as always, I keep […]

Facebook Ads: Does Anyone Check Them?

Like most people, I’ve always felt that many of the adverts alongside profiles in Facebook are undoubtedly dodgy. Take these couple of “iPhone” ads I’ve noticed this week: The first one boldly proclaims an “iPhone 4S” for only $8.45? Even if the price was correct – (lets be honest, it sounds like crap to me) […]

Bathurst and Advertising – Again

At this time every year, we hear people moaning about how much advertising is shown during the annual Bathurst 1000 motor race, with “they show too many ads” being the common catch cry. Long time readers of this blog may remember the analysis I’ve done over the years in regards to just how much advertising […]

And If Your Name Is Not Bianca or Sophie…

…people cannot share a Coke with you. Not exactly sure what the idea of this advertising campaign is all about – (there’s no obvious mention of it on their website) – but it does seem rather…specific. Hmmm.

Anyone For Coffe?

Spotted this footpath advertisement at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station yesterday. Fail. Just, fail.

Can Woolworths Really Do This?

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I spotted this interesting piece of advertising: I don’t know about you, but if I was CSR I would be pretty annoyed that my product had been singled out and jammed into the faces of customers as being the “bad choice” against the in-house brand. Doesn’t seem quite […]

Bathurst Coverage: Were Seven Right or Wrong?

There has been quite a lot of rumbling around the Twittersphere/Blogosphere since the conclusion of the Seven Network’s coverage of the annual Bathurst 1000 motor racing classic last weekend – in which they time-slipped their broadcast by almost 30 minutes by the end of the race. This disgusted many following the race on social networking […]

Tell The Truth Fairfax!

Sitting down to lunch this afternoon, I found an email from the “Fairfax Digital Membership Team”, advising me of “an important message about [my] newsletters”. I have signed up for a few newsletters of interest to be delivered, and generally find something interesting to read. However, it was the nature of this “important message” that […]

Twitter Advertising Model Appears

Seems that the much-anticipated – (yeah, well) – advertising model for Twitter is finally showing its face to the world. The model calls for the ability for advertisers to pay for their tweets to be inserted into your Twitter stream, and for promoted topics to appear in the list of “trending topics”. I was sceptical […]