Facebook Ads: Does Anyone Check Them?

Like most people, I’ve always felt that many of the adverts alongside profiles in Facebook are undoubtedly dodgy.

Take these couple of “iPhone” ads I’ve noticed this week:

The first one boldly proclaims an “iPhone 4S” for only $8.45? Even if the price was correct – (lets be honest, it sounds like crap to me) – that’s clearly not an iPhone 4S. It looks suspiciously like a first generation iPhone. Misleading ad number one.

The second ad is also touting an iPhone 4S – (this time for $51.12) – but it is clearly an iPhone 3G or 3GS displayed.

And it’s red!

Red iPhones? Misleading ad number two.

Facebook should be taking responsibility for the advertising that is shown as part of their site experience – (they’ve had enough bad publicity for various privacy screw ups throughout its existence) – so someone should be checking them out before they go live.

Seriously, these ads just seem too dodgy to me.