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Google Pi?

Anyone else notice the version number on the version of the iOS Gmail app released over the last couple of days? Mine updated this morning, and I had a nerdy giggle. Well played!

Timely Google Security Reminder

With more and more people adopting tablet and smartphone devices running the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, I thought it timely to remember an important security issue if you choose to run the Google Chrome web browser on your device. I must admit, I had completely forgotten about this issue until yesterday when […]

Google Fiber Lighting The Way For Our NBN

Even though I generally truly hate the term “superfast broadband” – (the corny piece of nomenclature insisted upon by our politicians, and which ranks up there with “cyber-this” and “cyber-that”) – the pending arrival of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and its “superfast” speeds in many areas of Australia will mean many things to many […]

2012: Posts Of The Year

In this the 2012 edition of my ‘posts of the year’, we have a decidedly NBN flavour, with the statistically most popular article on my site in nine of the twelve months being NBN related. Yes I do write about the NBN quite a bit, but that these articles are so popular on my site […]

Chrome ‘Weak Signature Algorithm’ Solved

For people who have – (or have automatically had) – their Google Chrome installation upgraded to version 18 or later, you may have noticed the following error message on some sites you are accessing over SSL/HTTPS: This has been mostly the case for people – (developers in particular) – accessing sites with self-signed certificates, like […]

Dandenong Road Just Got A Lot Longer

In the world of online mapping, such as Google Maps, or the excellent NearMap, we always see errors where various images are combined into a single scrollable map. Like roads that don’t quite match up, or strange wingless aircraft. It’s all because it would be too hard and time consuming for a human to go […]

Nice Start Google – But Not Enough

Many people will remember the “storm in a teacup” that was the inadvertent possible collection by Google of data from wireless networks, when performing photographic and geo-spatial data collection for their Street View product early last year. Even our good friend Senator Stephen Conroy got in on the act, labelling it the “single biggest privacy […]

No Screwing With My Colours Google!

After seeing a few mutterings on Twitter in regards to Google changing the colours on the various calendars people have set up in Google Calendar, I thought I’d check my own. Yup. New colours. Completely different to my old settings. And you know, it is great to have more colour choices – (previously there were […]

Android 4G Tablets Imminent?

Catching up on my weekly diet of podcasts this morning, I listened to the most recent edition of This Week In Google – admittedly an episode that is almost a week old now. One of the guests was Chris DiBona, the open source and public sector engineering manager at Google. Towards the end of the […]

Google Street View Face Recognition Fail

In the wake of claims from Senator Stephen Conroy a little over a year ago about Google committing the biggest privacy breach in history in the midst of collecting updated data for their StreetView service – (which the Privacy Commissioner later basically dismissed as rubbish) – as a goodwill gesture, Google promised to make sure […]