Dandenong Road Just Got A Lot Longer

In the world of online mapping, such as Google Maps, or the excellent NearMap, we always see errors where various images are combined into a single scrollable map.

Like roads that don’t quite match up, or strange wingless aircraft.

It’s all because it would be too hard and time consuming for a human to go through every single photo, and manually match them up. Even if a human tried, because things move between when each photo was taken, it would still happen.

So, computers do it, and they get it wrong too, like wrongly labelled roads for instance? Courtesy of Google Maps, here’s the main highway out of Waurn Ponds, a southern suburb of Geelong (click for larger view):

Dandenong Road? Out past the south western outskirts of Geelong?

I suppose technically if you keep following that road it will get you to Dandenong eventually, but it doesn’t meet up with what is really called “Dandenong Road”.

Tweaking required Google, but thanks for the giggles.