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Optus Rewards Website Sexist Much?

I got a whiff of a really bad piece of work from Optus on Twitter this morning, in regards to the registration page for their Optus Rewards website (click image for larger view): Really? “Please select a title and the title should match with the gender.” So a woman can’t be a doctor, according to […]

Optus: ICS for Original Galaxy Tab “Soon”

Good news for owners Optus-branded versions of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab – (myself included) – with news that the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) coming to the device “soon”. I commented on Twitter over the weekend that my device had finally updated from Froyo to Gingerbread, but lamented that it wasn’t […]

The NBN Deal – What Just Got Signed?

Obviously one of the hottest topics today has been the announcement of binding agreement between Telstra and NBN Co for the former’s participation in the forthcoming National Broadband Network. There was also a similar agreement announced between Optus and NBN Co. But what actually got signed? In actual fact, it is a series of “eight […]