The NBN Deal – What Just Got Signed?

Obviously one of the hottest topics today has been the announcement of binding agreement between Telstra and NBN Co for the former’s participation in the forthcoming National Broadband Network.

There was also a similar agreement announced between Optus and NBN Co.

But what actually got signed?

In actual fact, it is a series of “eight separate but interdependent documents”, signed by at least two of NBN Co, Telstra, and the government, enabling the network to be constructed in a more timely and effective manner, and eliminating unnecessary expenditure on infrastructure that already exists as a Telstra asset.

From the Telstra release to the ASX, the deals signed between NBN Co and Telstra are:

Between Telstra and the government, the signed deals are:

Over the next few days, I’ll be taking the summaries of each agreement as released today, and discussing the most interesting and/or important aspects of them, based on what we know so far.

I’ll start right now with the Implementation and Interpretation Deed (IID) – and I’ll update this page with links over time as I release more articles on the other agreements.

Enjoy the read!