How Telcos Will Win on Building Towers

Almost immediately after posting my previous article in regards to the erection of communications towers for the National Broadband Network (NBN) or for mobile telephone and data communications through the major telcos, I remembered something that I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time.

Innovation – or more directly – innovation in how these towers are deployed.

Looking beyond the health risk purported by some – (which have been largely ruled out by numerous studies, including those conducted by the World Health Organisations (WHO)) – the main issue for most objectors has been their visual impact.

For some years, there has been a communications tower in the grounds of the Harvest Bible College, in Dandenong North, Victoria, alongside the Monash Freeway. Here is a picture of the tower, courtesy of Google StreetView – (click for a larger view):

Not exactly unsightly, right?

It is an example of the innovative outcomes that can be found if each side of the debate puts their brains together and comes up with an actual solution.

Food for thought in what will become an increasingly common argument as the wireless segments of the NBN rollout in coming years.