MP Website Censoring Comments?

On Tuesday at 12:13pm, I posted a comment on the website of Alex Hawke, the federal Liberal member for Mitchell, in regards to this article about a speech Hawke made in parliament in opposition to proposed changes to the Australian Marriage Act.

Here’s a screen shot of the post I took at the time:

“You clearly state that “Marriage is defined, in Australian law, as being between a man and a woman”.”


“It is this definition that is sought to be changed. Arguing that an existing definition is in place, and that that is therefore the only possible definition is head in the sand politics of the highest order.”

More than two days later, and the comment is still not approved. Other articles have been added to the site, so someone is there in the CMS doing work, yet they have not enough time to review and approve comments apparently.

Don’t like comments that oppose the position?

This also smells a lot like the usual modus operandi of another “political force”, the ACL and their usual comment approval behaviour.

If you’re going to interact online, you kind of have to interact, Mr Hawke.

Or people will start to wonder what’s going on.