Updated NBN Rollout Information Released

NBN Co, the company building Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), has today released its most recent updated mapping information with respect to already announced rollout sites. Some of these sites have expanded beyond previously announced details with respect to premises passed.

While the dates listed are actually when detailed maps will be available, some sites have grown – (and some significantly) – in size since the previous release of information.

For example, the Ballarat site which was originally listed for 8,900 premises, has doubled to 17,800, with the total fibre servicing area containing 24,000 premises.

The updated information highlights that current planning has listed premises totalling 758,100 across the country for the fibre rollout portion of the build. A number of the listed sites have total premises information that completes the rollout numbers at those sites.

NBN Co is due to release it’s updated three-year rollout plan “soon”, as described to this site by an NBN Co spokesperson this morning.

So buckle up folks, it gets a lot faster from here!

  • So buckle up Folks, it gets a lot faster from here. Well for metro areas the only time it gets faster is when the NBN gets its hands on  Telstra ducts. The NBN rollout is painfully slow while the rest of the developed world is already enjoying fiber to some degree.

    I think the ‘rollin’ as opposed to rollout is stupid. The reason why you start from metro to country is that there is more demand in the metro areas, the revenue that can then be used to fund the country roll out. Having 2 country independents just makes the NBN ‘Rollin’ a waste of money

    • Expect the Telstra deal to get through the ACCC shortly, and the three-year rollout plan very soon.

      • Thanks Michael. I know that the Telstra deal is imminent. dont see any reason for the ACCC to have any issues. And telstra’s shareholders seemed very happy too. Did you have some sort of time frame for the release date for the three year rollout plan?

  • I want my #nbn now – i want speed, speed to burn!