And The Media Think Journalism Is Doing Okay?

In September last year, the Australian Federal Government announced its Independent Media Inquiry, appointing former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, Ray Finkelstein QC to carry out the review.

The results of the inquiry were reported recently, and have been controversial to say the least.

While the review was not designed to address the age old question of what is and isn’t news, damn, after what I just saw on the website of The Age newspaper, one wishes the review did cover it:

“After 28 years and 5000 issues, German newspaper Bild is dropping its nude page one girl.”

Seriously? This is the banner article on the front page of the website of one of our leading news outlets?

Who in Melbourne – (or anywhere else in Australia for that matter) – actually gives a damn about that a newspaper on the other side of the planet, that they are almost certainly never going to read, has dropped nude women from their front page?

Come on media, we are a bit more intelligent than fronting us up with this kind of droll suggests you think of us.