Who Is Spamming My Apple iTunes Email Address?

Spam. We all hate it.

When I created my Apple iTunes account, I created and used a specific email address – (not my main email account) – for use with the iTunes account. I have only ever provided that email address to Apple in creating that account, and dealing with Apple services.

So why has the following spam – (click image for larger view) – attempted to pass through my mail filters to this email account in recent days?

Did Apple share my email address with spammers? I would hope not, and would highly suspect this not to be the case.

Is there an app on my iPhone that has gleaned the address from the phone, and reported it back to its creators?

Far more likely.

It would be interesting to see if others have experienced the same, as it seems Apple’s application vetting process might have missed this one.

I’ll have to look into this.