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Apple/FBI Shenanigans Probably Just Theatre

With the news that the FBI has allegedly managed to ‘crack’ the iPhone allegedly used by the perpetrators of the San Bernardino shootings without the assistance of Apple, I can’t help but wonder what has really been going on. iPhone Used By San Bernardino Shooter Cracked By FBI Did they really need Apple’s help getting […]

Why Apple And Samsung Should Just Grow Up

While the are several possible examples of the first “automobile”, it is generally accepted that Karl Benz invented the modern automobile in 1885, and patented it in 1886 – 126 years ago. As described on Wikipedia: “An automobile powered by his own four-stroke cycle gasoline engine was built in Mannheim, Germany by Karl Benz in […]

Will Apple Be Stupid Enough?

Rumours have abounded for some time that Apple will introduce a new smaller dock connector on the upcoming iPhone 5. Now, of course, rumours about new iPhone features come and go, and a great many of them turn out to be FUD, whether initiated by Apple themselves to throw people off course, or by over-enthusiastic […]

Who Is Spamming My Apple iTunes Email Address?

Spam. We all hate it. When I created my Apple iTunes account, I created and used a specific email address – (not my main email account) – for use with the iTunes account. I have only ever provided that email address to Apple in creating that account, and dealing with Apple services. So why has […]

The Only Way Forward for BlackBerry?

Ever since Research in Motion (RIM) pushed aside its two co-CEOs in favour of Thorsten Heins earlier this year, many analysts have been pondering how the maker of the once-popular BlackBerry smartphone family might bring itself back from the brink of extinction. Certainly, the traction gained in the smartphone market by Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, […]

iOS5 Over The Air Updating

Well, we’ve had Apple release the first delta update to iOS5, so we can now see “over the air” updating for the first time – and I was impressed. Only 44.2mb, downloaded, verified, and installed in 13 minutes on an iPhone 4 – (not a 4S) – and all is well. Certainly beats plugging it […]

Setting Your iOS5 Device Up For Wireless Sync

So, you’ve managed to update your iDevice to the newly released iOS5 – hopefully you didn’t have the problems that some have had. Now that you’ve done it, how do you setup one of the coolest new features – wireless iTunes synchronisation? You’ll never need to connect up your device to your computer with a […]

Apple Search Engine?

Okay. Right from the start, I’ll put my hand up and say that this has all been speculated before, and that I don’t have any REAL lead on this, but is Apple seeking to launch its own search engine to compete with Google and Bing? The simple answer is “who the hell knows?” However, over […]

Apple iTunes Price Gouging in Australia?

With more than a few under-my-breath chuckles, I read with interest the following article posted in/on the Fairfax newspapers/sites this morning by noted Australian financial commentator, Michael Pascoe: Apple Bites Australia for Profit An interesting read, and on the surface, he makes some excellent points. The difference in pricing between the Australian and US iTunes […]