Apple/FBI Shenanigans Probably Just Theatre

With the news that the FBI has allegedly managed to ‘crack’ the iPhone allegedly used by the perpetrators of the San Bernardino shootings without the assistance of Apple, I can’t help but wonder what has really been going on.

Did they really need Apple’s help getting into the phone? In all seriousness, I doubt it. With NSA surveillance of just about everything happening online or near-online, the chances of them finding any information that isn’t already in the hands of US government agencies is pretty low.

In fact, I bet they find nothing they don’t already know.

My suspicion is that US authorities do know that devices such as the iPhone are difficult to get into in some instances, and that they have used this particular case to try and make an example of Apple within the context of a very public and emotive case.

“Give us a back door into your devices!” they demand. “Help us protect liberty!” they exclaim.

They just want an easier way.

And Apple stands up and says “you know what? No…”

If a backdoor is provided – (and even if appropriate legal trimmings are placed around the use of it) – it will still be used by law enforcement for purposes in which it should not be used.

Laws only stop those people who are inclined to follow laws. Once a backdoor is in there, hackers will find it and use it.

Bravo to Apple for standing its ground – but when it comes to the privacy of data on your phone – (or any other device) – that horse already bolted years ago.

The authorities can already get at your stuff if they want to – the backdoor will only make it easier for others to get to your data.

This is just theatre.