Another Coalition Member Caught Lying Over NBN

More lies and misinformation from the Coalition over the National Broadband Network (NBN). They just can’t help themselves, can they?

Just caught this tweet from Sussan Ley, the Coalition Member for Farrer in Southern New South Wales:

Of course, this is just patently wrong, and I followed up here and here.

The Coalition’s alternative NBN plan – (taken from their released policy document) – calls for a deployed network with 71% FTTN, 22% FTTP, 4% wireless, and 3% satellite.

The current NBN plan calls for a deployed network of 93% FTTP, 4% wireless, and 3% satellite.

This is the same 4% wireless and 3% satellite the Coalition can’t get rid of no matter what happens, because the contracts to deploy and complete those parts of the network are already in place.

That’s why both plans call for the exact same result for the final 7% – with 4% wireless and 3% satellite!

Under the current plan, areas to receive fibre will have their copper networks decommissioned. The areas with out fibre – (ie: the 7% with wireless or satellite) – get to keep their copper networks – just as they are right now.

Given that the small towns that Ley is worried about will have exactly the same result from the NBN under either plan, her assertion that small towns with an exchange can only be upgraded to fibre under the Coalition plan is patently false.

It’s just bullshit.