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Think Drone Strikes Are Okay?

With all the current ruckus with respect to potential terror attacks – (the threat of which I am not seeking to understate) – and Australia likely heading into Iraq to carry out airstrikes, it is probably important to gain a perspective on how potential terror attacks are dealt with. John Oliver nails it once again.

Reducing Government Red Tape…Or Not…

Having recently moved – and changing electorates in the process – I’m going through the usual rigmarole of changing my registered address for just about everything. A pain in the butt, but a necessary evil. Fortunately, given many government agencies share data, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) automatically finds out about your move – (in […]

Poor Taste In Aftermath Of Death Of Robin Williams

The following is provided with no other comment than to say whichever advertiser came up with the following campaign – (I’m looking at you “Coles or IGA”) – in the midst of the death of Robin Williams – (and if you excuse my French) – this is fucking shit: Click the image for a larger […]

The Doodle, Carrie Bickmore, And Her Pectorals

There was much laughing today when Carrie Bickmore was seen to be both holding and displaying a doodle on national television. Though perhaps a silly practical joke played on her by the crew, I got more of a laugh out of this placement of the story this afternoon on The Age website, immediately above another […]

The Greatest Spelling On Earth (Maybe Not)

Foxtel’s AFL channel, FOX Footy, currently uses the slogan “The Greatest Channel On Earth”, but clearly this doesn’t extend to spelling. Oops. See you on Firday nihgt.

Pul As Hard As You Can

I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with this door. I think I am supposed to “pull” to exit. I’m glad I don’t have to “pus” the door. Because that would be just weird.

Napthine Turning Technology Upside Down

With 2014 being a Victorian state election year, both the Premier and the Opposition Leader are running around the state, making promises to butter up the voters ahead of the November poll date. Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews was in Ballarat today, touting an upgrade to Eureka Stadium, in an effort to encourage AFL games to […]

Oats Express? No – Oats Explodes!

Spotted these in the local Coles while doing the weekly shop this afternoon: I handed them into the service desk – (because who knows *what* caused this) – but clearly not “Oats Express”, but “Oats Expands” or “Oats Explodes”. Bit of a worry.

Serco Employee Superannuation Fail

It seems that Serco is not just capable of ”faults in due diligence” with respect to prison transport contracts, and security flaws at detention centres, but has also been guilty of lax procedures with respect to compulsory employee superannuation contributions. Review Of Superannuation Guarantee Contributions – Outcome “Serco has been carrying out a review to […]

Transcript Of ABC Asylum Seeker Tow-Back Video

Following up from my earlier post on the apparent censoring of an asylum seeker tow-back video by the ABC, a translation of what was said on the uncensored version has emerged. Not being able to speak Farsi myself, I can’t personally verify the translation is correct, but it does match up with a small section […]