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The Ultimate Coalition Filtering Betrayal

At 12:00am this morning, the election advertising blackout commenced. This morning on television, Opposition leader Tony Abbott confirmed that all of their policies for the 2013 election had been released, in preparation for the long awaited release of their costings. Yet, this afternoon a serious piece of policy was released. An old foe of the […]

Media Still Misrepresenting NBN Debate

One of the most frustrating parts of being a supporter of the current National Broadband Network (NBN) model is the constant misrepresentation of many of the aspects of the designs, financials, and rollout of the network. While it is certainly true that the rollout hasn’t gone as smoothly as hoped, the project is broadly on […]

What Does Gigabit Broadband Look Like?

So what does this gigabit broadband everyone is talking about with the National Broadband Network (NBN) actually look like? This demonstration comes from rural England’s B4RN co-operative, where the speeds available are directly comparable to the speeds the Coalition’s alternative NBN plan would deny 71% of Australian’s from receiving – and a network that members […]

Faceless Campaign Advertising

I don’t identify myself as either a Liberal supporter, or a Labor supporter. Despite the fact that I have predominantly voted on the Liberal side of the ledger in my adult life, these days I find myself very much in the ‘centre’ in terms of my political ideology. Last night I posted about Liberal campaign […]

Why Hide Behind An Anonymous Envelope?

Three weeks deep into the election campaign, and the first sign of life from the local LNP candidate. Clearly with the extremely marginal status of the neighbouring seat of Corangamite, all the campaign funding for the Geelong area is concentrated over there. The LNP seemingly have little or no interest in the Corio electorate. Safe […]

Rupert And The Election – Best Media Watch Ever

Is Rupert Murdoch trying to twist the outcome of the federal election? Most likely, your answer to that question will depend on your political persuasion. However, before you decide, take a look at the latest episode of Media Watch: You really have to wonder, don’t you?

Ending Political Tobacco Donations May Not Be So Easy

As the federal election campaign moves along, news comes today that Kevin Rudd intends to reform party political donations, and ban such from tobacco companies should he win the September 7th poll. Rudd Pledges To Stub Out Big Tobacco’s Political Push “Tobacco companies will be frozen out if Labor is re-elected, with Kevin Rudd pledging […]

Coalition Avoiding NBN Policy Costing Review

In another piece of double standard rhetoric from the Coalition, Malcolm Turnbull has refused to submit his policies for his alternative National Broadband Network (NBN) to the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) for costing, prior to the September 7th election. In a tweet last night, in direct response to being asked about whether or not he […]

Why Neither NBN Plan Will Kill Foxtel

I’ve been really irritated in this first week of the election campaign that the debate over the National Broadband Network (NBN) has degenerated into an argument as to which NBN plan hurts Rupert Murdoch and Foxtel the most. The premise is just ridiculous, as quite frankly, the NBN – (in either ALP or LNP form) […]

Malcolm Turnbull Invents Time Travel

Exactly what was Malcolm Turnbull on about at yesterday’s National Broadband Network (NBN) debate between himself and Alan Kohler? How about this pearler? “Mr Turnbull said he did not object to fibre-to-the-premises technology in itself, but given the rapid rate of technological change thought it was best not to provision for future demands with today’s […]