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More Stumbles For Internet Filter

In recent days we have seen more bumbling and stumbling from the government in regards to its proposed mandatory internet filtering plan, further suggesting that it might just be on the outer from the government’s policy agenda. Last week, it became clear that without fanfare, the branch of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the […]

Does Review Make Implementing Filter Impossible?

For some time I have believed that a possible function of the so-called National Classification Scheme Review (NCSR) could be to position the government for a soft-landing, get-out-of-jail-free card in relation to their mandatory internet filtering plan. I most recently discussed my feelings on this topic in this article from last week. Reading some more […]

The Filter Is Not Dead

There has been some scuttlebutt in recent days in regards to whether the ridiculous iron fist that is the proposed mandatory filtering of the internet in Australia is to go ahead or not. Certainly, there have been a lot of mixed messages, but the most important message of all is that it is not dead. […]

More Australian Government Media Content Control

Hot on the heels of the divisive mandatory internet filtering debate in this country, comes yet more government control being exerted over the content of media – with the news that the government will require the next operator of the Australia Network to provide advance notice of programming guides to the Department of Foreign Affairs […]

ACL: Once Again Showing Their Hypocrisy

Well, it seems like the good guys and gals over at the Australian Christian Lobby are up to their good old fashioned tricks of censoring the debates they start themselves. Explain Attempt to Censor On Line Opinion Website At 3:52pm this afternoon, I posted a comment against this hypocritical article – (hypocritical since the ACL […]

Conroy Contradicts Himself – Again

About this time last year, Stephen Conroy made a potentially embarrassing gaffe on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast with Fran Kelly program, in which he said “you can’t regulate the internet” – before quickly stepping back and qualifying the statement as relating only to IPTV. While his comment was not strictly in the context of his […]

Guardian: Up, Down or Blocked?

The Guardian website appears to be down, amid reports that some level of blocking has occurred in regards to their WikiLeaks coverage. I have heard reports that it has been officially blocked in Thailand, but I’ve not seen confirmation as yet. Certainly, it appears inaccessible from here in Australia at the moment. So is it […]

Australian Internet Censorship Plans Get Even Crazier

In what seems to be an under-reported twist to the plans for Australia to implement ISP-level “filtering”, comes a plan to ban all forms of tobacco advertising online Internet Cigar Fanciers Create a Stink “The ever-present cigars mean Mr Reilly could now be in the sights of the federal government, which is expected today to […]

Conroy Hissy Fit vs Mitchell Tantrum

I found a humourous side note to comments by the editor of The Australian newspaper, Chris Mitchell, in which he accused Stephen Conroy of having a “hissy fit” in regards to coverage of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in his paper. Conroy Having ‘Hissy Fit’ Over The Australian’s NBN Coverage As much as I do […]

Gillard Has Conroy-itis

It seems to me that Julia Gillard has caught the same disease as her Minister for (Mis)communications, Stephen Conroy. I call it “Conroy-itis”. The major symptom is the ability to say one thing about the proposed internet filter, when you know categorically that the truth is the complete opposite. For months Conroy in particular has […]